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An awesome team to make sure you have an awesome vacation!

For Joachim and Jean-Baptiste, everything started in the Alsace region in France, far away from the Haute-Savoie and its mountains. It all fell in place here at the foot of the Mont-Blanc: a project, an ambition, but mostly an amazing story, carefully written by the two of them.

Two friends, both mountain equipment professionals, decided to throw the concept of classic rentals overboard and offer a unique rental service, delivered at home instead.

They decided, together, to bundle their knowledge in winter sports equipment they’ve since gathered, to offer you a custom “ski shop at home” experience.

All winter, with their vans filled with equipment for you to try out, our delivery guys will travel along the roads of the resorts Saint-Gervais and les Contamines-Montjoie at your encounter.

Attentive to every one of your needs, Joachim and Jean-Baptiste will do everything they can to help you find the equipment you need. Hardly even pulled in, you’ll have everything you’ve ever dreamt of to enjoy your ski holiday. Joachim and Jean-Baptiste allow you to save precious skiing time. More than just a good idea, it’s a superpower!

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A service ahead of its time...

Quality, comfort, trust and friendliness. We’ve conceived this new ski shop at home service to allow you to fully enjoy your stay, from the moment you put down your bags.

We take care of everything

At your demand and on reservation, we deliver everywhere in the resorts of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc and les Contamines-Montjoie.

Like in the stores, we’re here to advise you if you need help choosing your equipment, to help you choosing the right boots, and if needed, to explain how put it to use.

Equipment for anyone

A wide range of equipment is available, for all ages, sizes and skill levels. If ever you’d like to change your equipment during your stay because maybe those boots aren’t as comfortable as you thought at the start, or maybe you forgot to mention you needed poles for one of the family members…It’s easy, just call us if you have any problems or questions and we’ll come with a solution before you’ve even finished your sentence.

You’re at the center of our attention, we’ll do anything to simplify your stay